Wee Obsession: Twee Sidewalk Chalk

Do you need sidewalk chalk shaped like a doughnut? Of course you do. Read more

sidewalk chalk

I just love the story that artist Kate Leibrand tells on her website about the founding of her company: “The name Twee comes from critiques I would commonly get while in art school. I was told that my artwork was too ‘twee’ or ‘cute’, and I wondered—what’s wrong with that? I decided to embrace the aesthetic instead of changing.”

I’m so glad she did.

This local artist has put her pop art stylings to make the most adorable line of sidewalk chalk, in shapes like gemstones, doughnuts, letters, numbers, unicorn horns and more. Prices range from $8 to $16. (She also makes a handful of plush dolls. Equally sweet.)

Now, we’ll be honest here: While there is absolutely no need to have unicorn horn-shaped sidewalk chalk, when I brought mine to a playdate at Starr Garden, the kids’ faces lit up. They were like toys and chalk. And with the sleek packaging, they would make for a pretty memorable birthday gift.

Twee is in children’s boutiques around the country. Locally you can find them at Tilde’s Toybox in East Passyunk, Momo’s Treehouse and at TweeMade.com