The 10 Best Delivery Options in Philly

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best delivery in Philadelphia

It’s beginning to look a lot like delivery season out there. (LOL, just kidding, we order takeout constantly, year round.) But in truth, these cold, blustery late-autumn nights are the nights we are most grateful to have some hot, yummy dinner (that we didn’t have to cook) on the table. Thanks to GrubHub, UberEats and Caviar, we can get pretty much whatever we want whenever we want to these days, but some of our very foods don’t stand up well to the travel, while others seem like they’re MADE to be biked across town and eaten in front of the TV. Here, a solid list of the latter — our favorite delivery foods in Philly.

Dan Dan Noodles
What to order: Um, the Dan Dan noodles. Also amazing: wontons and/or dumplings in chili oil, cold sesame noodles, bok choi with garlic.
Order from: Caviar, UberEats

Zento Sushi
What to order: Any of the pick-two combo, flaming dragon roll
Order from: GrubHub, UberEats

Terea’s Mesa
What to order: Brisket nachos, carnitas tacos, fish tacos
Order from: Caviar

Cheu Noodle Bar
What to order: Miso and/or brisket ramen, black garlic wings, coconut curry noodles, mojo pork dumplings
Order from: Caviar

Nom Nom Ramen (Can you tell we like takeout noodles?)
What to order: Pork belly or Nom Nom ramen, spider buns,
Order from: Caviar, UberEats

What to order: Bam Bam steak … though we love the make-your-own bowls, too.
Order from: Caviar, UberEats

What to order: Tikka masala, saag paneer, garlic naan, veggie samosa, vindaloo
Order from: Caviar, GrubHub, UberEats

Agno Grill
What to order: Make your own bowl, yo.
Order from: Caviar, GrubHub

What to order: The types of hummus change daily — check Instagram to see what the daily specials are.
Order from: Caviar

What to order: Personally, I think the Diablos are the best sandwiches out there. But it’s not like you need us to point you to a great Primo’s hoagie.
Order from: GrubHub