Wee Bits: Bulletproof Backpacks, Martha Graham Cracker for Kids, Non-Toy Gift Ideas, and the One Place Fried Chicken Should Never Be

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wee bits late fall

Important PSA: Here’s how to make your name plural this holiday season. (Hint: It does NOT involve an apostrophe. Like, ever.) Via Slate.

Another important PSA: The great Martha Graham Cracker is doing a holiday show for kids! It’s a tribute to Dr. Seuss, and there’s no way it won’t be amazing. December 9. Details here.

I could not love this list of non-toy gift ideas more.  I’m going to do some of these!

Lots going on to know about over the holiday week and weekend: At the Museum of the American Revolution, there’s all sorts of special things going on (a history of shopping exhibit for Black Friday, a thing on pilgrims, a wall of thanks); the Philly Orchestra is offering a free (family-friendly) concert on Tuesday; the Philly Art Center is hosting it’s awesome date night for parents this coming weekend; and The Rock School is performing its child-friendly, acclaimed, historically inspired adaptation of The Nutcracker, called the Revolutionary Nutcracker, 1776. (November 24 and 25). (And the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet is debuting their Nutcracker at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center this weekend!)

Here’s a helpful new idea from Fitness Swim Academy: Their Last-Minute Swimmers program lets you fill vacancies from last-minute cancellations in lessons — so if you’re too busy too commit to weekly lessons, you can simply register to be alerted when an opening pops up. Smart, no?

Hey, Please Touch Museum fans: The museum is unveiling a new permanent exhibit! Healthy Me, Healthy Family, Healthy Community will feature upgrades to the supermaket (including bilingual signage!), as well as a new Bimbo Bakeries Bistro for play sandwich-making and a Boboli Pizza Kitchen, complete with a faux wood-fired pizza oven.

Good Lord, did you read the stories (everywhere, but this particular one is from NYT) about the demented videos posing as kids’ content on YouTube? It is some scary stuff, as they look and sound like the videos most of us watch all the time. (Sidebar: Can NOTHING EVER BE SAFE? I AM EXHAUSTED.) I did see a story on Tech Crunch noting that YouTube is trying to remedy this problem. But still.

Hallelujah! They’ve put foot pedals on Big Belly trash cans! Think of all the hand sanitizer you’ll save!

The Cut wants to know why parents are dressing their babies like peasants.  “… [L]ike tiny Thoreaus who will examine and catalogue a bird skeleton”, or like “kids who study lichens and recite Tennyson,” or like “en elegant serf.” LOL.

I promise you that this Atlantic piece about Japanese companies that let you hire fake friends and family members will be the weirdest story you will read all week. (But FASCINATING.)

Parents.com tells us that Pampers made a new flat diaper made for preemies who are too little to wear diapers. Made me tear up.

Speaking of crying: Someone invented backpacks for kids that have bulletproof shields in them. So this is where we are. HEY CONGRESS. OUR KIDS SHOULDN’T NEED STEEL BACKPACKS. (Here’s a place you can actually send them that message in a way they’ll hear it.) AND … literally right after I wrote this, there was another shooting, leaving four innocent people dead. Right by a school — in fact, the shooter evidently tried to get into the school. (But don’t worry, the Vice President sent his condolences.)

Please watch and love this video of the best high school principal in the world, rocking it out with her school’s step team. 

NO, KFC. Just no.

From The Cut: Some dude invented an app designed to show you what any given women looks like without makeup on. The review of said app is, as you might guess, fairly hilarious.