Wee Spotlight: Pals Socks

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Pals Socks

How cute are these socks, y’all?

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Since it’s gift-giving time for a bunch of us, it’s hard not to see cute things and think: What a great present! And in this case, well, Pals socks — based in No Libs! — are perfect presents: adorably mismatched socks that are designed to let a kid appreciate the beauty of difference, and of a little offbeat style. The big-picture idea, as creator Hannah Lavon writes on the website, is that Pals wearers might see that “it’s awesome we don’t all match, that we don’t have the same ideas or have to look exactly alike” — and also that “it’s fun to be friends with someone different.” Hence the bee paired with the honey bear, and the cow paired with the pig. (Aside from the sweet message? They’re just really cute. And the kids’ and babies’ versions are non-skid!)

The story behind the socks is really charming: They originally started as mittens, but, Hannah writes “unfortunately mittens are SO seasonal!” The mittens morphed into socks, and … well … don’t you just want to up your sock game now? (We do!) They make ’em for babies, toddlers, kids and adults, and you can shop on the site or get them at the Please Touch Museum or the Philly Zoo.