Introducing A (Helpful!) New Resource For Parents

Check out the new KidGooRoo now, and you might just win cash for the charity of your choice … and a new Chromebook!   Read more


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What parent doesn’t appreciate a little good advice from other parents who know what they’re talking about? Especially when it comes to finding the right tutor, the right piano teacher, the right sports facility — and all those little things that could take a lot of time to research if you start from scratch. Enter, KidGooRoo, a new site for parents (a site created by three moms, naturally): It simplifies the process for parents by listing kids’ programs and activities (from classes to camps to mommy-and-me programs) by town, city and region … along with unbiased reviews by other parents. And it’s a free resource to use and for businesses to list.

But there’s more, here: For the holidays, KidGooRoo is offering all parents who review something on the site an opportunity to raise money for the charity of their choice and win a new Chromebook. For any reviews posted between November 26 and December 16, KidGooRoo will enter the reviewer into a drawing for the chance to win a new Chromebook.  They’ll also make a matching donation to the winner’s charity of choice — doing a drawing for every 200 reviews received until 12/16, with the winner getting $400 for his/her charity. (How’s that for a holiday gift?) Check out all the details for the giveaway at

But beyond the giveaway … KidGooRoo can serve a bigger purpose for you. By submitting reviews on the site, you’re helping other parents benefit from your experience and make informed choices based on your reviews and ratings (as well of those of other parents in your community). And, of course, there’s the chance to use KidGooRoo as a resource for yourself. Is the dance class any good? Is the soccer camp worth the cash? Is the piano teacher awesome? KidGooRoo will help you figure it all out in one convenient spot, saving you a ton of time and helping make sure you can feel good about the activities and professionals you choose. 

Want to learn more or leave a review? Check it out here.