Spotlight: Peter Pan

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Peter Pan at the Arden Philadelphia

Most everybody knows by now that the Arden Theatre Company is basically always a winner when it comes to great, creative shows for families. And — not surprisingly — this season’s performance of Peter Pan is no exception. The Arden’s version is a story within a story: grown-up Wendy telling the tale of her adventures with Pan to her daughter, with the audience reliving her flashback with the Lost Boys, Peter, Hook, Smee and a floating, glowing, charming little Tinker Bell. It’s a super-engaging show, with a very cool set and serious talent on the stage. Hook (played by a woman!) is especially entertaining — and it’s fun to watch the way the small handful of actors manage to play multiple roles, sometimes even in the same scene. And the “real” flying that Pan and company do across the stage is a big hit with the little ones (and their parents, TBH).

The show runs about 2 hours total, including the 15-minute intermission and a quick Q-and- A with the actors after the play. The suggested age for kiddos attending is six and up, but I took my four-year-old — a wiggly little dude who’s not always awesome at sitting still for long periods of time — and he was entranced and enchanted nearly the whole time. (Note: I think it helped that we recently watched the old Disney version, and we’d been talking a lot about Peter Pan in recent weeks in preparation.) After the performance, the actors stood in the lobby for a meet-and-greet, which was another pretty cool experience. (Saying hi to Peter Pan! In person!)  All in all, it was a win, and it made for a special, memorable afternoon, as any theater trip should — definitely a worth-it outing this season. Here, the details:

What: Peter Pan 
Where: The Arden Theatre in Old City
When: Now through January 28
Tickets: You can see details here. It’s $20 to $22 for kids; $34 to $36 for grown-ups. The two-show subscription prices are a deal ($26 to $30 for kids; $40 to $50 for grown-ups), and the show next spring, Snow White, will no doubt be wonderful.