Wee Bits: A Year of No Shopping, the Best Pixar Movie, the Case for Making Beans Tonight, Weird Barbies, and Awesome Coat Sales

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In which the Sesame Street puppets get deployed to the Middle East to help Syrian refugee children. (Via NPR)

I am inspired by this wonderful Ann Patchett NYT piece about a year of no shopping — inspired enough, dare I say, to follow suit. (Maybe?!)

Don’t you want to see four tiny quadruplet newborns dressed up like Star Wars characters? Yes. Yes, you do. (Via Parents.com.)

The folks at Vulture ranked all 19 Pixar movies from worst to best. (I love these lists. Was also intrigued by their ranking of Meryl Streep movies, too.)

From NPR, a gut-wrenching story about the kidnapped and abandoned children of war against ISIS at a Mosul orphanage. It is worth the read, and it will break your heart.

Thanks, NYT, for suggesting gun restrictions in situations of domestic violence.

Again from the Times: Did you know there was a Skipper doll in the 1970s who grew boobs when you pumped her arm? (HA.) This story about toys that were huge hits through the decades (Cabbage Patches! Hula Hoops! Teddy Ruxpin!) was pretty fascinating.

A shockingly convincing argument from The Atlantic for eating beans not beef. Truly, I might be in on this one, too.

I myself am not a Mummer’s Parade person (Philly sacrilege, I know), but uwishunu has the scoop on all the best places to watch it if you are a Mummer’s Parade person.

2017’s biggest winners, according to Philly Mag.

There is not a line of this story about the obsession with skin care as a coping mechanism that I don’t passionately agree with (and am not living myself). (Via the New Yorker)

Y’all: The Strategist is alerting us to a bunch of excellent after-Christmas coat sales. 

The guv has approved the SRC’s decision to disband.