Wee Bits: Raising Sweet Boys, Big-Time Sales To Know About, the Best Eye Creams, and the Ultimate Carpool Karaoke

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This Time piece about raising sweet boys in an era of angry men is particularly resonant at a moment when it suddenly feels like 60 percent (at least) of prominent men are nightmares.

If you’re not following the lovely writer (and Wee friend and contributor!) Dorothy Robinson at Tankini Files, you’re missing out. This little essay about “wintering with children” made me laugh for roughly five days after I read it; this one, too, actually.

I really, really liked this article about how to deal when kids say certain things (“I hate you!”) or behave in certain ways (complaining monster!). We might already know some of these things, but in the heat of the moment, it’s so easy to forget.

Aw, Prince George wants a police car from Santa. (Also: Prince George knows how to write “police car”!?)

Y’all! Diggerland is having a big sale, starting December 15, and running three days. You can save a decent amount of cash! (According to, well, us, a trip to Diggerland makes an awesome gift!)

Speaking of sales: One of my faves, Yummie, is having a big sale, too. (Honestly, though, I wish it weren’t named “Yummie.”) (And yes, I know that this is Heather’s brand, from the Real Housewives of NY. I love their stuff in spite of this. Okay, and maybe even a little because of this.)

Neat! After receiving a uterus transplant, a mom in Texas was able to give birth. First time that’s ever happened. Via The Cut.

Bad news for four-year-olds everywhere: Glitter is apparently horrible for the planet. (Via Parents.com.)

But on the upside, someone has made edible straws. (Via Fast Company)

I think maybe we all really need this Christmas carpool karaoke — the gift that keeps on giving — right now. (Also, I cannot stop marveling over the seat-belt/cleavage situation happening here.)

The Village Voice ranked the 10 best shows of 2017, and if your Saturday nights are like mine (that is, spent on the couch watching TV with a glass of sour beer), then you might appreciate it.

This is the time of year I start obsessing about eye creams (something about winter light really emphasizes wrinkles, have you noticed?), and then voila! This Goop round-up of excellent eye creams popped up in my FB feed. Handy!