Wee Bits: Winter Vacation Camps, the Importance of Good Dads, Last-Minute Beauty Gifts, and the Irritating New App for Preggies

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I enjoyed this Gizmodo roundup of the most hilarious wildlife photos of the year … 

… but not as much as I loved the New Yorker’s Daily Shouts on new holiday candle scents. (E.g. “Hiding in the Bathroom for a Minute” and “Damp Wool”)

And from hilarity to kick-you-in-your-gut, here’s a breathtakingly sad story about love and loss and bravery and generosity of spirit. Via the BBC.

Nothing to do with parenting, but this Jezebel piece about Catt Sadler and E! News is infuriating enough to share. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. This. Bulls**t that women have to deal with.

As a Southerner, I am contractually obligated to love MoonPies. But this hilarious shade they’re throwing on Twitter makes me love them even more.

Hey! A couple of Penn grads have developed an environmentally-friendly, flushable pregnancy test that is not only kinder to the ecosystem, but also, as Vice points out, safer for some women to use. 

Here’s a moving little Christmas story about sharing with those who need a little sharing, from NPR. (It’s via StoryCorps, so obviously it is wonderful, and you will cry.)

Heads up, guys: The Please Touch Museum is hosting special winter break programming for kids and their adults on select days from December 23 to December 30. We’re talking crafts, storytimes, singalongs, theater performances and more. Check out the details here.

And speaking of Please Touch, they’re doing their annual Countdown to Noon (so’s you can celebrate New Year’s with the kids without actually keeping them up until midnight/ruining your fun), as is PlayArts.

And also speaking of winter programming, a handful of local places are offering winter camps for kids who are out of school while parents still have to work. A few to check: Philly Art Center. Nest. ZoomDance. Makom Community. Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

This is an older Atlantic article that popped back up on social media recently about the “distinct, positive impact” having a good dad has on a kid. It’s fascinating.

So I have some problems with an app aimed at helping pregnant women find seats on the subway. (Via City Lab.) The first one being the depressing fact that we now need (?) an app to have people behave like civilized human beings and pay attention to the people around them. The second being that, as someone who has been pregnant twice and now must cart the children around, I firmly believe that it is harder to stand on a moving train with a small child or toddler than it is to stand as a pregnant person. Not that preggies shouldn’t be offered seats, but, hey — let’s encourage politeness to all people for whom a seat would be hugely helpful. Or invent an app that includes the preggies and the aged, the very young, the disabled, the people who just have really heavy grocery bags.

I’m such a sucker for a good gift-idea list from The Cut. This one is great last-minute beauty gifts under $15. 

Evidently, Septa is planning on phasing out tokens. Via WHYY.