Wee Endorsement: Winter Fountains

Y’all have to see these beautiful orbs on the Parkway Read more

Y’all: If you haven’t had a chance to see the giant white orbs on the Parkway yet, we suggest that you try to manage a walk by one of them after sundown … and bring the kids. They’re incredibly cool.

The remarkable art installation Winter Fountains —¬†created by artist Jennifer Steinkamp and commissioned by the Association for Public Art in honor of the Parkway’s centennial celebration — is located at four different spots on the Parkway: Aviator Park (in front of the Franklin Institute), the Rodin Museum, Parke Towne Place, and Spring Garden Triangle near Eakins Oval. You don’t have to stand shivering in the cold (or in a line) for a long time to appreciate these creations: You get a big impact even just as a passer-by. (Gotta love public art.)

The white orbs have these vivid, engrossing digital animations projected onto them, inspired by Ben Franklin’s discovery of electricity, and meant to evoke the formations of electricity in clouds. It’s beautiful, and a super-cool experience for a kiddo. (And — see above — just look at the pictures you can take!)