Squee! Beautiful Newborn Photos

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As we all know too well, it’s hard sometimes when you’re a new parent to get your life together enough to think about scheduling a newborn photo shoot. (Hey, it’s hard sometimes to get your life together enough to take a shower!) But guys, photos from those early days are so special — and those days are so fleeting — that any extra planning and effort you make to capture that time pays you back in spades. Those little nuggets just get big so fast that capturing those first couple months on film is just about the only way to remember how tiny (and how quiet) they started out.

As for making a photo session happen: Elanna Sesink-Clee of Elanna D Photography makes it about as easy and comfortable as it can be. You can choose whether you’d like your shoot at her University City studio or in your own house — wherever you’re more comfortable. Her background as a professional nanny has trained her to be comfortable working with both tiny babies and with parents — and she has a gift for getting natural-feeling shots and sweet moments with the little ones. As you can see from her photos (above, below and on her Instagram!), Elanna can work with simple props or within your natural setting … or both.

The Elanna D Photography newborn sessions come in a couple of different package options: The more basic of the two ($325) focuses on just the baby, and you get up to two hours of shooting, as well as a private online viewing gallery, 15 to 20 digital images (with printing rights), and your choice of one birth announcement design. The second package ($400) can include the whole family in a lifestyle session along with the baby. This package includes 25 to 30 downloadable, printable pictures and the birth announcement, as well.

Interested in learning more about the newborn sessions, or getting inspiration for your photos? Check out the site, Elanna’s Instagram (Elannadphotography) or her blog.