Wee Bits: Avoiding the Flu, Betting on Baby Names, Grown-Up Movies to Watch With Kids and Great Alternatives to Disposable Baggies

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Wow. Show this Atlantic piece to your little space-lover: The “scaled” renderings of planets (shown as if each planet was as close to the earth as the moon is) is breathtaking and beautiful and humbling. 

And speaking of the amazing natural world: You have to watch NPR’s video of a murmuration of starlings in the sky. It is truly unbelievable.

From WHYY: How to avoid the flu beyond getting vaccinated. 

Well, we for one aren’t numb to the shootings. (Via NYT.) God help us all, and those poor kids and parents in Kentucky. Hey, wouldn’t it be good to see our government take fighting the national epidemic of gun violence as seriously as it takes INSERT JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE HERE.

New parents: The lovely Perri Shaw Borish is running another session of her new parent and postpartum support group at Center City Pediatrics. It starts this Wednesday (today!), runs six weeks, and costs $79 for all of them, or $15 if you want to drop in to one. Like she says: “Because cute and easy are two different things.”

So we here at Wee are somewhat troubled by Facebook’s decision to not share pages like ours or news pages as much. We don’t know exactly what this means yet for how much our page will continue to pop up on your FB feed, but until we find out more, perhaps this Lifehacker piece will be helpful for controlling what “news” you still want to see. (?)

The New Yorker gave us five grown-up movies to watch with kids, which is a nice idea, because I, for one, can’t watch one more minute of PJ Masks. 

Here’s a deal, y’all: The School of Rock Philadelphia is offering $50 off your first month of instruction and $50 off a summer camp. You can read all about their awesome programming here.

Very cool article about the power of positive behavior reinforcement at a Philly school. Via WHYY.

Hey all: There’s a FREE family event coming up in early February you might want on your calendar. The Wagner Free Institute of Science is hosting its annual Winter Wonderland on February 10, from noon to 4 p.m. (This year’s theme is The Ice Age, so throughout the afternoon there will be activities for children of all ages related to glaciers, Ice Age mammals, how scientists study the Ice Age, and more.) Registration is encouraged but not required and can be done here.

Tammy Duckworth is going to be the first senator — the first! In almost 250 years!! — to give birth while serving as a senator. 

The most likely names for the new royal baby, according to the bookies, according to The Cut.

Hey, Eagles dude, watch out for that … d’oh!

The Strategist gives us a bunch of great alternatives to all those Ziploc baggies that you use but feel terrible guilty about.