Wee Bits: The Best Bras, Tonya Harding, A Cool Activity for MLK Day, and New Ice Skating Lessons

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This is cool: The PMA is offering pay-what-you-wish admission on Monday — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service — and providing materials (from 10 a.m to 3 p.m.) so visitors can make their own greeting cards inspired by works at the museum. The good people over at MANNA will then deliver said cards along with the meals they regularly deliver to Philadelphians in need.

The SRC is dead — here’s what comes next, according to Philly.com.

I maybe already posted this once before, since it came out in August. But I love any helpful guide to great bras, and The Cut’s list of the best bras for everyone is definitely helpful!

The mom who took the charming photo of our favorite royals at Christmas service is making big bucks, which is just sort of nice. Via BBC.

Hey y’all: The NEW Orchestra store in King of Prussia Mall is stocked with the most adorable kids clothes for new babies on up through ages 14. The (super affordable!) French fashion brand is still new in the U.S. — AND they are very kindly giving Wee readers who want to check it out a discount. The first 15 of you who use the promo code “WeeWander” will get free access to the Orchestra Club, which gives you 25 percent off Orchestra products ALL YEAR, as well as special promotions reserved for members only. How cool is that? (Furthermore, you should know that there are major shoe sales coming up for Club members and non-members alike, happening from late January through February.)

Related to absolutely nothing having to do with parenting, but what a solid piece of journalism the NYT’s profile of Tonya (Harding) Price is. I could not put it down.

Hey, here’s a little dose of happiness (and super momming!) courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres. It’ll make your morning.

Another (mostly) uplifting story from the NYT about a bodega owner who secretly shelters homeless men in the basement of his store. “Because they don’t have,” he says. “And I do.” (Sometimes we just need some stories about human decency, no?)

Congress is changing 529s (aka, college savings plans) and NPR has a fairly clear explanation as to how it’s probably going to screw some stuff up. Quoth one expert in the story: “It is a mess, no matter how you slice it. It’s a change from the federal level that puts a number of states in a pretty tough position moving forward.”

Here’s a fun heads up: As of January 14, the Blue Cross RiverRink is offering group ice skating lessons. The six-week program runs every Sunday morning from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., and costs $125 for the season. All levels are welcome — and you can check it out here!

Evidently Jennifer Garner is Mama Llama in the new Llama Llama series coming out on Netflix later this month.

Wow– serving breakfast to kids at one Philly school (even in the form of “grab-and-go” breakfast carts) drastically improved kids’ attendance. Via The Notebook.

Ugh, the NYT reminds us that it’s DREADED R.S.V. season. 

DEEP SIGH, Philly.

This House Beautiful piece about the real-life inspiration behind Disney movie settings is surprisingly cool.