Wee Bits: The Case For More Kid Chores, an Awesome Barnes Deal, Equal Pay (For Real), and a Homeowner’s Terrifying To-Do List

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News Bits and Pieces Philadelphia

In Iceland, it’s now illegal to pay women less than men. (Via The Cut.)

Speaking of gender equality, if you haven’t read about Time’s Up, you really must. I literally cried while reading this. Change is afoot, y’all.

This Atlantic piece is one of the saddest, scariest opioid stories I’ve read in a while.  That it was written by the dad of a wonderful-sounding kid lost to addiction makes it … well, very heartbreaking.

You guys — here’s a wonderful deal for Wee readers. You know how the Barnes Foundation has First Free Sundays? (No? You should! They have guided stroller tours, family-friendly activities, and more!) Well, not only can you visit the Barnes with your crew FOR FREE on the first Sunday of every month, but on Sunday, January 7 and Sunday, February 4, if you mention that you’re part of the Wee Wander community, they’ll let you skip any line into the building and secure a ticket to the Barnes collection. (So helpful!) They’re open at 10 a.m. 

Speaking of good deals: At the Please Touch Museum, the first Wednesday of every month is just $2 a person from 4 to 7 p.m. (Just missed the first one of the year … but good to remember for February onward!)

Hey everyone: Don’t forget for upcoming school holidays, the Arden does an awesome day-long camp, called Play in a Day. 

Thanks, Town & Country, for reminding us that kids who do chores are more successful as adults. I’m never dusting again!!

Cheap tickets, awesome movies and free popcorn at this South Philly movie theater!

OMG, this NYT calendar of stuff you should do to keep your house in good shape might be helpful, but it also made me feel like I needed to put down my computer IMMEDIATELY and run around doing all the things I should be doing to our house but haven’t been doing. EEEK! (Check for ice dams?!?)

More stuff to know about screen time, via NPR. And this time, it’s not  going to make you feel as bad as you think it is.

Helpful reminder from Parents.com: What to do when your child is choking. 

New swim classes for kids at Fitness Alive! 

I enjoyed The Cut’s advice on stuff to buy to deal with dry winter hair/skin/nails/lips.