Wee Bits: Underpaid Preschool Teachers, Dangerous Sneezes, the Best Day Planners and Birth-Control App Disasters

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wee bits late fall

Happy MLK Day/Week, everyone. This Atlantic photo essay is short but excellent.

Here’s a really great, helpful list of the best “cheat” ingredients to keep around the house all the time, from Wee friend and dietitian Katie Cavuto.

Oh my sweet Lord, Procter and Gamble is back with its “Thank You, Mom” Olympic commercials and I could weep just writing those words. We are talking Mad-Men level effective advertising.

From the NYT: Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least? (I think about this literally once a week when I drop my kid off at his awesome preschool.)

OMG, did you see this nightmare Uber story from Philly Mag?

Kindergarten registration for next fall has started, everyone! 

Speaking of school: Philly School District “reboots plan for for lead stabilization after problems are discovered.” (Via The Notebook.)

Whoa to Serena Williams’s birth experience, and whoa to this Tonic piece about how race plays a role in the outcome of childbirth for women. “The U.S. has the worst maternal death rate among economically developed countries, as reported by ProPublica in 2017, and is one of few countries where the maternal death rate has increased over time. While it is not surprising that black women fare worse, the degree to which the outcomes between races differ is alarming: Black women are three to four times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth as white women.”

Eeeek! Don’t hold in your sneezes! (Via CNN)

From the NYT: How a law changed measles vaccination rates. 

Using an app as birth control? What could possibly go wrong? (Via Jezebel)

SIGH. Now antacids during pregnancy have been tied to kids’ asthma, evidently. I know, correlation is not causation … but still. Even seeing this just seems unfair. Can anything just be totally cleared? (From the NYT.)

The Strategist offers us a list of the best planners, as rated by life-coach types and organized people. (Personally, I am loving my Rifle Paper Company planner!)