Wee Love: This Little Trailblazer

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There’s no reason to post about this particular book we love, necessarily — neither the author nor the illustrator is local (at least, not that I’m aware of), and Lord knows, there are LOTS of random lovable books out there that we could write about. But this book — This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer by Joan Holub and illustrated by Daniel Roode¬† — just felt of the moment. The right thing at the right time. A little boost for 2018 after a pretty tough 2017 on the girl-power front. We recently received it as a gift, and I’m obsessed. I mean, just look at this darling thing:

Sonia Sotomayor!

Coco Chanel!

It’s evidently out of stock on Amazon right now (guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it felt like the right book at the right time!), but it looks like Head House Books has it back-ordered (you might want to call; perhaps there’s more now!); Barnes and Noble has it on its site (and very likely in its store); and you can always call your favorite local toy/kids’ store to see if they’ve got it. Personally, I’m going to stock up — it’s a darling gift, and a good, colorful, inspiring read for little ones. Love!