Wee Spotlight: New Year, New Kid Stuff

Here’s an easy way find the right activities for your kiddos Read more


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Don’t get us wrong — we LOVE the embarrassment of riches that we have in Philly when it comes to classes and after-school programs and camps and such. But if you’ve been a parent here for more than, say, four months, you also know that it can be daunting navigating your way through all the options. This year, though, you have a new tool: Enter, KidGooRoo, which is a site offering a huge listing of kids’ activities — from arts to sports to mommy-and-me classes and more — complete with unbiased reviews from other parents. And! It’s TOTALLY FREE to use and FREE for businesses to list.

The benefit here is getting honest feedback from other moms and dads without having to spend a huge amount of time asking around at the playground or polling everyone you know on Facebook. You can find out if people think that dance teacher is a bit too strict or if that soccer camp is too competitive or if the baby gym is clean. (Also: Reviews can be written anonymously, so nobody feels pressure to sugarcoat, and parents can suggest adding their own favorite local businesses at any time.) The general idea is simple: Parents helping other parents to make better choices, helping everyone feel more confident that the kids are in safe, supportive and motivating environments.

It’s also totally worth noting that KidGooRoo also sponsors local school organizations (like HSAs, PTOs and education foundations, for instance). For every review a parent writes on the site, the company will donate $2 to that parent’s educational organization. Check out  KidGooRoo for more information about how to start your own school fundraiser, and visit the site to learn more about how it works and how 2018 can be the year you help other parents — and let them help you — when it comes to choosing the best stuff for your kiddos.