Seven Things Getting Us Through This Winter

Freezing cold, gray skies, sickness everywhere, too much indoor time with small children. Here’s some things helping us cope. Read more

winter picks

Aside from obvious here — that is, the Eagles win and lots of good Netflix grazing this season — there hasn’t been much about this winter to love. So the little things that we can all appreciate go a long way. Things like …

Yummie leggings.
I have gone on record before with my love for Yummie nursing tanks (even as I wish the brand’s name weren’t something that made me feel vaguely embarrassed every time I type it). But this year, I bought the leggings, and they have become part of my winter uniform. What I like most isn’t the gentle shaping powers — although I’d never complain about that  — but really, the weight of them. They are warm but not in the least bulky. So: I look svelter and I feel warmer, and they wash well and don’t pill or fade or lose their stretch so far, after about a million wears.

Also in the vein of looking svelter: I bought the postpartum bounce-back yoga online training program from Mt. Airy based Y2B Fit, and loved it so much, I bought the second round– next, I intend to buy the third. Part of my love for the online sessions (which I stream onto my TV) is rooted in the fact that it’s almost impossible to leave the house for exercise with a new kid in the house. (Also, in this weather, who wants to leave the house?) The other part of my love comes from how EASY it is to find the 30 minutes it takes to do these sessions. Also: The first postpartum program is exactly as chill and gentle as you want it to be, but I absolutely felt and saw results. Everything here — the ease, the cheery-but-not-too-cheery instruction, the price (about $60 for a six-week program), the feeling of accomplishment at actually exercising regularly again, the fact that there’s more options than just the post-baby courses — has made this winter so much better.  

These gloves.
The right winter gear makes the difference between being semi-miserable outside and totally, angrily miserable. My discovery this year has been Outdoor Research’s Flurry Sensor gloves — the best gloves I’ve ever owned. Super warm, super easy to get on and off. And phone-friendly.

So much lotion.
This and this for hands; a few generous drops of this oil with any number of face lotions; this and this and this for body; this — or in extreme cases — these for feet.

Our ultimate: The peanut-butter pretzels from Trader Joe’s with the Blackberry Cucumber (aka, Mure Pepino, if you’re fancy) La Croix. Also, the Honeylove or Goji Glow smoothies from Sip-N-Glo in Rittenhouse and South Street, and the chai (literally, the best chai anywhere!) from Nook Bakery and Coffee Bar in Center City. And Girl Scout cookies in the freezer, obviously.

Eucalyptus oil.
When I have been pregnant and stuffy, or pregnant with a sinus infection, or pregnant with a cold — in short, miserable and unable to take real medicine — I turned to eucalyptus oil. A few drops added into a sinkful of very hot water, a towel over the head, some deep breaths: It really help clears you, and feels very good on your skin, too. Even now that I can take some medicine again, I still really like this as a winter pick-me-up and sinus clearer. 

I love games for cold, icky, slow weekend mornings/afternoons with 3-to-6 year olds, mostly because it’s one of the few activities where you can be totally engaged and also sit there and drink your coffee. This winter, we’ve been very into Guess Who (awesome for preschoolers — but truthfully, I have loved this game my entire life, and I still do), some version of the classic Candy Land (dreadfully long and boring, but whatever, kids love it), Feed the Woozle, Memory games (this one is especially awesome because it’s portable), and Pancake Pile-Up.


Photo credit: From left, clockwise, Beauty Counter hand lotion via; pretzels via; Yummie leggings via; Outdoor Research gloves via Dick’s Sporting Goods.