Wee Bits: Phone Detoxing, New Breakfast Ideas, Lazy Dinners, Exploding Manholes and Secret Pregnancy Symptoms

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This is pretty helpful, via NPR: How to detox from your phone. (Because we all need to, right?)

And this NYT piece about how to break up with your phone is actually even better. The author, Catherine Price, is a Philadelphian — and she just released “How to Break Up With Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life.”

Helpful (although hopefully not) in a totally different, horrible way. The New York Times tells us what to do when there’s an active shooter. 

What a cool, uplifting story: The power of positive reinforcement in a Philly elementary school. Via Philly.com.

Okay, admittedly, some of these Parents.com breakfast ideas for kids are patently insane for busy people, but some of them are awesome.

Speaking of, thanks Goop, for dinnertime hacks for people too tired to cook. 

Presented without comment.

Related, from Philly.com: “After Florida school shooting, Philly-area teachers and students mobilize.” 

Fascinating stuff from Parents.com: What toddlers eat, worldwide. 

The Cut rounded up a whole bunch of women’s early pregnancy symptoms. Fun! (Mostly not!)

Wow: The city has already filled more than 17,000 potholes this year. (!!!) Only 1.6 million more to go, right? (Via Philly Mag.)

And speaking of Philly streets: Do I need to add exploding manhole covers as one of my top Philly streets-related fears? (Currently, sinkholes take top place on that list.)

Do y’all remember when we wrote about the new Phield House? They now have OPEN PLAY time for 2- to 5-year-olds, Music Monkey Jungle for 1- to 5-year-olds, and kid yoga classes for 3- to 5-year-olds!

You’re going to want to see this charming little video involving Tiffiany Haddish, Oprah and Ellen. (How could it be anything but wonderful?)

And finally, just for a laugh. (Thanks, Onion.)