Wee Bits: Pregnancy Skincare, the Beauty of Curling, Paying Kids Not To Fight, the Best Day In Philly Ever, and How Sick Is Too Sick For Daycare

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wee bits

I spent all last evening — as I’m sure we all did — trying to think of what might make America’s government decide to do something — anything, really anything!?? — about all the children dying in shootings in this country. I can’t think of what it could be, if it’s not, you know … children dying in shootings. This is to say, our very heavy hearts are with those innocent children and their families in Florida. Meantime, here and here are a couple places we can go to not feel quite as helpless.


I know we all have an Eagles hangover, but if you haven’t seen these remarkable photos of the parade from Philly.com, you absolutely MUST.

Hahaha. Oh, New Yorker.

Usually, we steer clear here of political happenings (because ARGH, and also because you don’t need Wee for that when you’ve got literally every other channel on the Internet), but you know, this GQ piece makes excellent points about how food shopping with SNAP (or not) affects families’ well-being and dignity.

A school district in Minnesota dropped Huck Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird from the required list. (Via Wash Po.)

Handy guide, here: When to keep your kids home from daycare. 

The Cut gave us seven skin-care products safe for pregnancy. 

Cool story from Kristin Graham: “Why One Philly Elementary School Is Paying Kids Not To Fight.” 

Love this WHYY story about Fishadelphia — like a CSA for FISH — at Mastery Thomas school. 

Interesting stuff, via the NYT: Before-school exercise makes kids happier and (of course) healthier.

It’s true, Vulture: Curling IS the Great British Bake-Off of the Olympics.