Wee Bits: Raising Boys, Amazing Amazon Hacks, Risky Playgrounds, Student Walkouts and Shocking Obits

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If y’all haven’t seen the incredibly smart feature New York mag did on raising boys in these times, I highly suggest you check it out. It is fascinating. One piece in particular struck me: Why I Threw Out My Son’s Guns.

The New York Times ran a fascinating piece about the movement to add risk to playgrounds in Britain. 

YOU GUYS: Am I the only one who didn’t know that Amazon did this? You can kill two birds with one stone: Save yourself a trip to Goodwill AND feel less guilty about all those Amazon boxes you’re recycling all the time.

Here’s something cool: The Museum of the American Revolution is offering a ton of fun, kid-friendly demos during spring break … a good time to go!

Ready for your head to explode? 

More gender-related head-exploding. (And sorry, I know I’m overloading on the NYT today, but they’ve done some good stuff!) This feature they ran on all the women who should have gotten obituaries but didn’t because they were women was shocking (Sylvia Plath didn’t get a freaking obit?!! Ida B. Wells? WTF.),  but also very cool in that they wrote these women proper obits and ran them.

More fun museum news: Please Touch Museum is celebrating St. Patrick’s this Saturday with a pop-up event with Irish step dancers, Irish cooking demos and themed art programming. Cool, no?

Via Philly.com: Philly’s getting a (famously) cool bookstore. 

Well, this is nice, from the Atlantic: A school in Utah is being renamed. Goodbye, Andrew Jackson Elementary; hello, Mary Jackson Elementary. (You know Mary Jackson from the movie Hidden Figures — she was the first black female engineer at NASA.)

Kids all over the place walked out yesterday. HOPE!

And here’s our kids — well, some of ’em — via Public School Notebook.

And Time did a piece about how student walkouts have change the course of history before.

One last very compelling word on this matter, from Helen Urbinas at Philly.com.

Heads up: Play-A-Palooza at Smith Playground is coming! March 31.