Wee Bits: The Baby Girl Bias, Dolly Parton, New Preschools and More Reasons To Whip Your Phone Out

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Let’s start with a laugh, shall we? The Toddler Feelings Helpline bit from McSweeney’s is hilariously, painfully spot on.

And now a (happy) cry: This awesome epilogue to the viral photo of the little girl enamored with Michelle Obama’s new portrait is about the sweetest thing ever.

Hey, they’re making famous women Barbies now: Frida Kahlo! Amelia Earhart! Katherine Johnson! (Via HuffPo.)

Wee is an official supporter of any movement to expand street-sweeping in Philadelphia. 

NPR reminds us that there is not any human being on the planet as pure and wonderful as Dolly Parton, who just gave away her one millionth free children’s book.

Mama’s Wellness Joint is launching a new “spring fling kids’ yoga” series, running every Sunday from 3/11 to 4/8, aimed at kids 3 to 5 — you can register for all ($60) or drop in for $17 a class. Here’s the details!

As a mother to both a boy and a girl, I am just sad about this NYT story about Americans deciding they might prefer to have girls. You worry about both, don’t you, for different reasons.

Yay, dogs in schools! (Via KQED) (Although: What about kids who are allergic?)

Ack, Daylight Savings is this weekend. (DEEP SIGH.) Not-a-Peep sleep consultant Maria Lopez has some really useful tips for all of us trying to maintain some sort of sleep schedule for our little ones.

Y’all! Music Monkey Jungle is now at Phield House AND Reading Terminal Market. Check here for the full schedule — they’re basically … everywhere!

Ash did a roundup for Philly Mag featuring a handful of the new daycares and preschools in town. Helpful!

Also helpful: Parent Coach Brandi Davis has a $10 “Move Your Mornings” webinar coming up, focusing on techniques for getting out of the house in the morning without yelling. March 22, 8 p.m. Info here.

OMG, did you see this piece in the NYT about trauma surgeons detailing how hard it is to repair injuries from military-style weapons? You won’t soon forget it.

Also from the NYT: This will make you feel less guilty/self-conscious about constantly having your phone out, recording your kids.

Calendar alert: This Sunday, March 11, from 3 to 5 p.m., the Philly Art Center is hosting a party to celebrate their anniversary — 14 years in Fairmount, 7 in Queen Village and 3 in Chestnut Hill! Y’all can party at each location FOR FREE, and do art — sculpting, felting, sewing and comic-drawing — and sign up for summer camp there for 25 percent off.