Wee Bits: The Best Sheet Masks, Scary Garbage Islands, Rocks Vs. Guns, and Money Lessons For Kids

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wee bits late fall

This NYT piece is … interesting!? Swedish preschools work (hard!) on deconstructing gender. 

“This pasta has flecks/ visible only to me / too bad I will starve.” Just one of the hilarious child haikus from the New Yorker. 

No joke: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch will keep you up nights. (Four times the size of California. 1.8 trillion pieces of trash. Floating. In the ocean. Forever.)

The Cut tells us everything we’ve all been wondering about sheet masks, including which ones we should buy. Yay!

March 31, noon to 4 p.m.: Long-awaited Play-A-Palooza and the opening of Smith Playground! (There’ll be a bunch of fun stuff, per usual! $10 per kid.)

One Pennsylvania school is arming kids with river rocks in case of shooters. Via Vice.

And I’m sorry to continue to be a bummer, but this story is SO insane, about a gun lobbyist who’s actually more responsible for more gun laws than most legislators. Excellent reporting on some blood-boiling political maneuverings, via New Yorker. 

Calendar alert: On April 21 from 6 to 8 p.m., the Free Library is hosting a family event to celebrate the Ben Franklin Parkway centennial. There’ll be art projects, games, stories, a scavenger hunt, a dinner buffet, and — obviously — books. The tickets are $25 for kids, $50 for adults (kids under 3 are free), and proceeds benefit the Library’s programs across the city.

I’m sorry, but I am deeply — deeply — suspicious of the impending Philly sidewalk wifi kiosks. (Via Philly.com)

The Please Touch Museum is celebrating Passover from April 1 to 3, complete with a pretend Seder, Matzo-building, storytimes and more.

Well this is helpful: 10 good money lessons to teach your kids. Via Parents.com.