Wee News: A Coworking Space for Parents

PlayArts is doing some AWESOME stuff for parents these days Read more

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So here’s some news that is going to excite a whole bunch of you (it certainly excited us!): PlayArts in Fishtown is launching a co-working space for parents Mondays through Wednesdays between noon and 4 p.m. Parents can set up with their computers in a space that has free coffee, tea and wifi; kids can enjoy SUPERVISED PLAY while moms and dads get some work done. (This is an answer to many parent prayers, no?)

At this moment, the program is still in its test stages, owner Krista Yutzy-Burkey says, and so they’re “keeping the group very small until we have a good handle on logistics.” And while yes, she says, they know noon to 4 p.m. is nap time for a great many families, it’s also off-peak hours for programming (and, hey, not everyone naps), so they thought they’d give it a shot. “Right now we’re offering it at the time that is least disruptive to our current schedule,” she says, “but since the response has been so huge, we may expand the days and hours. We’ll see how it goes!”

If you want in, then you need to register 24 hours in advance. It’s $35 a day with childcare, or $90 for the week. Without childcare, it’s $20 a day or $45 a week. You can read more or register here!

But hang on for a sec — that’s not all the news from PlayArts. They’re totally about the parents these days, and in that vein, they’re launching a very cool-sounding parent cocktail event, again with on-site childcare, pizza and a movie for the kids. Parents enjoy drinks and foods from local restaurants and distilleries —  a date night, basically — while the kids socialize. (“And for this one,” Krista says, “we’re not shoe-free. High heels are encouraged. ;)” They even have an event-specific Lyft code to help everyone get home.

The cocktail hours are ticketed events with limited space (just 50 people total) — and the first one is April 20, featuring Bluecoat and Root. So if you want in, now’s the time to sign up! It’s $75 for each adult — and that includes food and drink plus childcare, pizza and movie for one kid — or $250 for four adults and three kids, with an add-on fee of $15 for every additional child over that. Yay, date night! (And PlayArts!)

Photo credit: PlayArts/Photo by Kristen Zubrinski