Wee News: A NEW Indoor Play Spot In the City

You can expect classes (for kids and parents), used kids’ clothes, a boutique, a cafe … and more Read more

kith and kin

Here’s some happy news, guys: The city’s getting another indoor play space, and it’s going to be big (3,000 square feet!), and it’s going to have classes for kids and for parents … and it’s going to have a cafe, and it’s going to have birthday parties, and it’s going to have a boutique, including a spot for gently-used kids’ clothes. (Wheeeeee!) Kith + Kin — meaning, of course, “friends and family” — will be located in Brewerytown (at 31st and Jefferson). At this point, the owners are planning a July debut, with classes kicking off in September.

The brains behind the biz here are Brewerytown neighbors and moms Eden Coffey, a nurse who’s worked in nonprofit spheres, and Jess Jones, who comes from a business background as a buyer with Urban Outfitters. Both women have kids under the age of 3, and they found themselves wishing for a family-focused gathering space near their own ‘hood — somewhere that would offer some fun open play space for little ones and their parents. “When I became a mom,” Eden says, “I started having an intense, almost instinctual desire to find a community, to find other parents to go through the journey with.” So when the two eventually decided that they would be the ones to create the type of place they’d been craving, the parenthood aspect (classes, yoga, workshops, support groups) was a must. So was the idea of accessibility for all families — and so they plan to offer families with Access cards 50 percent off drop-in and class costs, Eden says.

As for the kids’ activities — they’re pairing up with “some exciting people” to offer fun children’s classes (more on those details down the road!), and planning on a play area with a structure for climbing and sliding, as well as stations for building, imaginative play, an infant pod, and more. “And lots of adult seating,” Eden says. “We want adults to want to hang out there, too!”

Exciting, right? The website is still under construction (though if you go, you can sign up for the mailing list), but you can follow Kith and Kin on Instagram now (@kithkinphilly) and keep your eye out for news and updates — including some Kith and Kin pop-ups over the summertime. And of course, we’ll report more as it all unfolds.