A Mother’s Day Wish List

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mother's day gift ideas

Well, y’all, it’s almost May, which means that it’s time for our annual survey of moms on a very important topic: What do we want for Mother’s Day? Here, we collected and curated some 23 awesome wishlist items (from the extremely practical to the pie-in-the-sky) to inspire you moms out there — and, ahem, also to inspire you grateful dads, partners and kids who are reading this. There’s truly something here for every type of mom.

Nothing beats the promise of a good night out sometime in the night-so-distant future. Some good shows that came up with our mamas? David Byrne & Sylvan Esso at the BB&T Pavilion this July, Chris Stapleton at BB&T in June and (mine) Leon Bridges at the Fillmore in September. (Also, Clapton’s going to be in NYC in October!) — 

Family quality time that we don’t have to plan.
“I usually ask for a family bike ride around the Schuylkill,” says one mom, “and then a multi-generational family picnic including my mom, grandma, etc.  We usually picnic at Washington Square Park or Franklin Square and get fixings at Talula’s Daily.”

A day of leisure and/or some non-mom time.
No surprise: This idea comes up A LOT. As one mama said: “I want a day to sleep in for as long as I please. When I wake up, I want both a savory and a sweet crepe from Vineyards Cafe waiting for me. I want to spend the rest of the day frolicking in Wissahickon Park with my family.”  Says another: “This year is my 15th college graduation reunion so I’m getting a Mother’s Day weekend treat to spend some with old friends!” A few other perennial favorites that came up more than once: A few hours at the spa, a pedicure, or just … alone time. 

Special jewelry/accessories.
New jewelry is pretty much never a bad idea. (Personally, I am liking this emerald ring from Egan Day. I mean, in a pipe dream sort of way.) A few other notables that came up:
“I want the new apple watch because it has GPS that works even when your phone isn’t near. Helpful for running!”
“I’d like little everyday earrings. I was thinking these from Bario-Neal. (I won’t get them.) I also want this layering necklace.”  
Another mama sent over a pic of the fresh pair of Ray-Bans she’s eyeing (both practical and a treat!), while another friend turned us onto this cute, custom (and affordable!) tote.

Home beautification.
I want a gift certificate to The Container Store,” one mom reveals. “Now that we have so much more stuff (baby gear, toys, baby bath socks, approximately four million toys), I want pretty ways to keep everything corralled and neat. Oh, and a full afternoon—sans baby—to shop there.” Also, she adds, “I’d love to start replacing all of our basic white dinnerware with the gorgeous ceramic dishes coming out of Kensington-based Felt + Fat. A few of their made-to-order watercolor plates would be lovely!” Another mom weighs in in a similar vein: “I wish I could hire an organizer to come and organize all of my closets and my garage. That would be huge.”

Self beautification.
Idea one: Lashes. “I know this sounds high-maintenance but I really want to try fake lashes – I am so rushed in the morning (and admittedly kinda lazy), so the idea of waking up and not applying makeup and still looking put together really appeals to me.  My husband will probably hate it but I still want to try!” (Ed. note: I’ve been perusing the menu of lash services at LashBee for ages, as well.
Idea two: “I’m obsessed with the hydra-facial from the new 3000 BC,” says one mom. “It’s the best facial I’ve had. It’s not good because it’s relaxing it’s good because it’s effective.”

A travel coffee mug.
Y’all know our love for this awesome travel mug by now. But, says one mom, “I want one that is really pretty. (Or, less likely, a portable caffeine drip I can just carry around with me.)” We can’t help anyone with the drip, but if you have similar concerns about aesthetics, you might find some pleasing options here … or here or here or here or here.

Seems like sneakers of one sort or another always make an appearance on our moms’ wishlists. This year, one  pal said she was lusting after these New Balances (but “they are white and who in their right mind with kids would own white sneakers?”), and so instead, she’s hoping for this more sensible version. Still cute!

Car detailing.
Because someone has to get all those Cheddar Bunny crumbs and mystery crap out of the crevices in the back seat, and wouldn’t it be nice if it was someone who also vacuumed and shined the car up real nice?

Specifically, this one from Anthro, or, says one mom, “a Johanna Ortiz dress – they are so feminine and beautiful and they make me so happy.”

Kid art.
I mean I want my original boobs back without surgery,” says one of our mamas. “I want a bikini body while only eating Doritos. But in place of those, I’d be very happy with some cute art project from the girls that will help me remember how fleeting it all is. And one day I’ll look back and say, ‘Give me those sleepless nights and dirty hair for a day full of hugs.’”

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From, left, clockwise: Kate Spade; Felt + Fat; Shop Espwa, The Shop Forward; Ray-Ban; Apple Watch.