New!! An App To Help You Size — And Buy — Kids’ Shoes

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jenzys shoe app

Oooh, boy, are y’all going to love this. In roughly three weeks — just in time for summer shoe-buying season — you can download a brand new app specifically geared toward parents buying shoes for their little ones. Jenzy, the brainchild of two Philly entrepreneurs, couples some “highly accurate shoe-sizing technology” on the phone with a whole bunch of adorable shoes, which means that you don’t have to guess what size your kid is currently wearing in New Balance or Mini Melissa or Keen and then order three pairs just to be safe. You get to measure their feet and buy the shoes in one fell swoop. Do you hear that? No more piles of Amazon boxes full of tiny shoes! Just one pair, in a size you know will fit them. (Hallelujah!)

Here’s how it works: You take a picture of your kid’s foot next to a card — any card — from your wallet to use as a reference point. After you snap the pic, your shop for (podiatrist-approved!) shoes on the site — Jenzy is currently partners with 15 popular brands, which you can see here — and voila: You’ll see exactly what size you need in the particular shoe and style you want. Is brilliant, no!?

Jenzy is the first foray into the shoe biz for creators Carolyn Horner and Eve Ackerly. The Center City-based duo got the idea for their app in China a couple years back, when they were teaching English as post-grads. The process of guessing shoe sizes and ordering shoes for themselves was especially inconvenient, given the long walk to the local post office. “Eve said something about how there should be a better way to measure shoe sizes, and that it should involve your phone,” Carolyn says. That observation became their inspiration — although originally, the plan was for an app for adult women. It was only once the pair started surveying women in Philly that they heard from moms who noted how much they’d like help sizing shoes for their kids. “We heard over and over again, ‘Kids shoes are the worst!’” Carolyn says. And when they dug into the matter, they were surprised to see research showing that up to 70 percent of kids wear the wrong size shoe, which evidently can have lasting — and problematic — effects on little feet. Hence the idea for Jenzy, an app designed solely (ha!) to help parents buy shoes for their kids.

At the moment, Jenzy is zeroed in on very little feet — shoes for kids aged 6 months to 6 years or so, with a special focus on early walkers, 10 months to two years. (“The pace at which they grow is so fast, and getting really good shoes on their tiny feet is important,” Eve explains.) But the duo says they hope to expand in the future for kids up through 12 years. Also expanding is the number of brands offered on the site — there are 15 now, but Carolyn says they’re aiming for 30 by the year’s end.  

The app will be available on your iPhone’s app store at the end of May — and it’s FREE to download and use. (They’re working on launching on Androids soon, too.) Don’t know about y’all, but I am psyched about this one.

Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Jenzy