Wee Bits: Amazon News, More Chores For Kids, a Chinese Lantern Festival and a Tick Season From Hell

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Thanks, ticks and mosquitos — we definitely needed to worry about more terrible things.

So Amazon is going to start delivering to car trunks, evidently!? (Via Philly Mag)

I can get behind this piece from For Every Mom: More chores for bored kids. 

And while I find the tone of this piece to be almost unbearably smug, clearly this is a theme that resonates with me. (Via NYT.)

Sad/mad emoji: Even Kate Middleton’s Luxury Hospital Stay Costs Less Than a Typical Birth in America. (Via Parents.com.)

Deal alert!! You can save 50 percent off Friday night performances of Snow White at the Arden (a show which is, by all accounts thus far, awesome) with the user code APPLE.

The Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square just kicked off — and it looks absolutely amazing. It runs through June 30.

In fact, speaking of cool stuff to do, Uwishunu has a big list of all sorts of good things for us this week. from the Lantern fest to South Street festival to Parks on Tap to an outdoor movie night to crocodiles … and more!

But … but… what about all those good guys with guns? From NPR. (Sorry. I’m salty today.)

Hey guys! Phield House is bringing youth field hockey to Center City with THREE FREE CLINICS for every kid 6 to 12 who wants to try it out. One was yesterday (sorry): the others are May 5 at Phield House 2:30 -3: 30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Anyone who would like to attend just needs to email kristen@focusfieldhockey.com to ensure proper space and coach:player ratio. There are more clinics planned in the future, as well. Check it out here!

Parents.com reports that West Elm is launching a new nursery line wit Pottery Barn Kids. Yay.