Wee Bits: Video Games at the Franklin Institute, Royal Wedding Gossip, the Sunscreen List of Doom, and This Year’s Awesome Wawa Welcome America Fest

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Did you see the next part of the Inky’s series on Toxic City: Sick Schools?  Did you basically have to go lie in a darkened room after reading, as I did? Also, this, which is related.

This is so cool, via WHYY: “Philly are health providers eyeing Lyft to help get poor, pregnant patients to appointments.” 

This year’s Wawa Welcome America Schedule sounds amazing. (Philly Mag)

Wow, this Game Masters exhibit at the Franklin Institute is cool. I predict it will be EXTREMELY popular among parents who came up in the ’80s and ’90s (and their offspring).

Did you know MOM’s Organic Market recycles all sorts of crazy stuff? So helpful! (Batteries, corks, food squeeze pouches, cell phones, shoes and more.)

NPR covered the story of a man who decided to apologize to the two women he bullied as children 60 years prior. It’s actually heartbreaking.


Sorry, I’m a party in a bag today, eh, with all the doom/gloom/rage stories? One more! The U.S. is spending less on our kids than other developed countries are (and spending less than we used to). Via Fatherly.

On a lighter note: I enjoyed a little bit of gossip about the royal wedding, especially as it pertained to the kids acting like … kids. (The Cut)

The Atlantic writes about how every age group — except for “older moms” — is having fewer babies these days. (Everyone else is evidently too busy watching Netflix to get it on!?!)

And here’s your annual sunscreen list of doom. (From Parents.com.) Here’s the whole big 2018 sunscreen guide from the Environmental Working Group.

The Cut talks to 10 moms about postpartum sex. (Excerpt quote: “Hahahahahahahahahahaha.”)