Wee Alert: It’s Sign-Up Time for Philly Art Center’s After-School Art Program

The super-popular program fills up fast, so now’s the time to lock it down Read more

philly art center after-school care

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By now, you guys have all probably heard about (or participated in) Philly Art Center’s awesome After School Art program for kids ages 4 to 12. I know in my neighborhood, it hovers somewhere between a time-honored go-to and a Philly kid rite of passage — and that’s largely thanks to the convenience that the Art Center folks bake into the program. To wit: They offer FREE school pick-up; they allow you to choose the day or days you need; and they keep the kids happy and busy (and fed — there are snacks!) until 6 p.m.

As for the kids’ perspective, heading over to the Philly Art Center after school means that they get to spend time drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, designing and building. This isn’t just craft-making or babysitting — the kids are taught actual skills by the Center’s lovely instructors. Additionally, there’s outside time and, as I mentioned, snack time, so it’s really a fun way to end their school day alongside their little buddies.

If you want to guarantee your spot, NOW is the time to sign up. School begins a bit early this year (in August!), and the program is in high demand. If you’re on the fence, you can read more about it all here. (You might also take into consideration that all three outposts — Fairmount, Queen Village and Cherry Hill — are open on days when public schools are closed and that they do half-day pick-ups and vacation camps, as well.) Ready to sign up? The forms are here. (Bonus: You’ll feel so good starting the summer knowing that your fall plans are already in order!)