Why Am I Just Now Learning About This Bath Seat?

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keter seat

I always figured that once I had two children, I’d throw them in the bathtub together, for reasons of convenience and cuteness. But I’ve had two children for going on a year now, and until last week, it was two separate baths every night. (Haha, okay, not every night. Like, every two nights. Fine, three or four nights, sometimes, whatever.) I just couldn’t deal with a wiggly four-year-old and a wiggly wet baby (who sometimes falls over for no reason) in a big, deep tub. I feel like people team-bathe all the time — isn’t Instagram loaded with adorable photos of multiple babies in the tub? — but hoooow?

Here’s how, I just learned: This thing called the Keter Bath Seat. Do you know this seat? It’s a simple little flat chair with suction cups that stick to the bottom of the tub, holding the baby (up to 16 months or about 28 pounds) upright and firmly in place in a tub full of water, and, unlike similar seats that have side-of-tub rods and suctions, this one is pretty compact, so the the big kid is free to do his wiggly thing while the little one can be cool and soak and splash without my having to keep my hands on her the whole time. ALSO: Two baths for the price/time/energy/patience of one, wheeee!

A couple things, if y’all don’t already know about this thing: 1) It’s not sold anywhere but by the company that makes it, alas. 2) It doesn’t suction well (or at all, I’m told) if there’s any non-skid surface in the tub already.