Big News at Mister John’s Music

Thanks to some renovations, our favorite music teacher in Philly has more room for his awesome after-school classes Read more

mister johns music philadelphia

If you’ve spent anytime with Mister John, then you know: This is the kind of guy that’s gonna have a major impact on your kids. (He’s actually had an impact on my whole family.) So we’ve got some good news for those hanging out on the wait list for one of his classes or trying to figure out your after-school sitch this fall — Mister John’s Music recently underwent a renovations and now he has more room for more classes.

The lower level of his adorable Bella Vista shop now has a piano lab, sound-proofing and lots of space for more of his awesome guitar, piano, ukulele, fiddle, percussion and choir lessons for kids and adults. (One highlight to look forward to? The spring concerts, in which the chorus students perform with the music students, kids and adults—this year’s theme will probably be ’80s music. Toto’s Africa, perhaps? There will also be some neighborhood festival performances, too. Outdoor risers are being constructed as I write!)

And really, even if you do none of this, you should check out his videos on Instagram, just because they’ll make you smile.