The Perfect New-Mom Present

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When it comes to baby shower gifts and presents for new moms, I love gifting a massage or a facial or some little treat. Everyone tends to give mamas stuff for the baby, which is helpful and lovely … but as any new mom can tell you, it’s also fun to get a little special something for yourself (duh) at a moment when your own needs are the last thing on your mind. And one of the primo spots to go for such a gift is Philly-based Hands at Home, which offers massages and facials IN YOUR OWN HOUSE. It’s just sort of perfect: Not only do new moms generally need a little encouragement/permission/motivation to spend time on themselves, but since most of us stress out at the idea of getting out of the house and getting back within those short, tiny windows of time you get with a newborn, cutting the travel time out of the package can make the difference between getting the special TLC or not. And man, does a little TLC at that moment go a long way.

The services that Hands at Home owner Nicki Dekunchak (a mom herself) and her crew offer include a whole range of massages (Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue, reflexology), as well as peels and facials (the works — steam, exfoliation, extraction, mask, massage). A gift card allows the new mom to choose which service she wants/needs the most, which is obviously a nice option. And of course, it’s not like this sort of thing should be exclusively in the “gift” category of your brain: you can also just make yourself an appointment, mamas — in which case you should know that in addition to home visits, Nicki and her team also make office visits, complete with 20-minute peels and chair massages. Also! Mention Wee Wander when you buy your gift card or book your appointment, and you can get $10 off!

To get on the books, order a card or ask a question, you can email (or call) Hands at Home here.