Wee Idea: Pimp My (Kid’s) Ride

A surprising hit: homemade bike- and scooter tassels Read more

tassels for bikes and scooters

I will begin this by saying that I am nobody’s Pinterest inspiration — crafty isn’t really my thing. But recently, I went on Amazon in search of a couple dozen cheap-o bike tassels — you know, the kind that were de rigueur on handlebars when we were kids. (Backstory: We had a sort of “birthday ride” in honor of my son’s birthday with the kids on the street, and since this activity is pretty much something that happens every week, I thought I could make it feel a bit more special and festive if the kids decorated their scooters and bikes. Said children are all still under the age of 6, so I thought there might be a chance they would like this idea and not just roll their eyes.)

Anyway: I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to find out that I’d have to spend about $4 a pair for everyone to get tassels, which just felt excessive. (And they weren’t even that cute.) Pinterest, too, let me down: Every “homemade bike tassel” I looked for involved either sewing (no) or hot glue and golf tees to spear the tassels through the hole in the handlebars, which, again, felt a bit extra. So I improvised. I bought small elastic hair bands from CVS (about $1.50) and a whole bunch of multi-colored Grosgrain ribbons from Amazon ($6). I trimmed the ribbon, grouped them up in colorful trios and tied the three ribbons en masse in knots around the hairband. And voila:

Official scooter tassels!

More tassels!


To my great surprise and delight, the kids were all really into them — they tasseled up their bikes (and some even indulged in the crepe paper I bought for extra decoration). The bikes/scooters looked so cute … and it occurred to me that this is an easy craft project to do on a slow weekend afternoon, as well as a super-inexpensive, fun party activity/favor. Cheapo homemade bike tassels! Who knew!?