Wee Bits: Cold Offices, Hot Schools, Yelling Mom Guilt and A Bug Story That Will Keep You Up Nights

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Happy return to school, all! Here’s a Wash Po story about how (some) schools are failing working parents … and how some are helping.

The New York Times said that offices were too cold because of the patriarchy. I HAVE SAID THIS FOR YEARS, while freezing under two blankets in an office in July.

So many fun events this month at Little Moon + Arrow, y’all: music classes, geography classes, a pop-up Mason Dixon (you know, as in Mason Dixon booties!) events and more good stuff.

Two things from the Inky about this absurd heat and school starting and early dismissals: 1) In a city where many (many!) schools are not properly air-conditioned, maybe we shouldn’t start school before Labor Day and 2) It’s inexcusable that we ask students and teachers to deal with sweltering heat in buildings that don’t have and can’t support air conditioning. 

Interesting from the Cut: Becoming a Woman Who Yells At Her Children. (Sometimes, I read things like this and think maybe we’re too hard on ourselves, you know?)

Welp, as one friend said, “time to burn the city to the ground.” Via CNN.

Another bug nightmare. What’s even happening? (Via Philly Mag)

Yesterday, the mayor announced another 250 more seats in the city’s pre-K program since the litigation against the soda tax that funds our pre-K is kaput (resolved in the city’s favor). The program will expand to 2,250 seats this school year.

Also, here’s another great fall class alert! Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates is launching a yoga and creative movement class for 3- to 5-year-olds — and it starts 9/19! The 12-week series focuses on kid-friendly yoga poses, as well as the practice of stillness and breathing. Bonus: It’s a drop-off class!!

Speaking of fall: It’s almost time for Morris Arboretum’s annual scarecrow decorating contest. What a fun change of pace for an afternoon family activity, no? Registration deadline is September 26.