Wee Bits: The Importance of Libraries, Fed Up Teachers, The Best Car Seats, and Paddling at Schools

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It’s such a sad week for America, this 9/11 anniversary week. I appreciated several people posting the link to this foundation that aims to help the first responders who are still very much suffering the consequences of being heroes.

This NYT magazine special education issue is spectacular, but if you read one thing, read the story about the Arizona teachers’ movement. You’ll rage.

Also from the NYT: This op-ed filled me with love/pride for our wonderful Philly libraries.

The Strategist offers us the best infant car seats and boosters. 

Which reminds me: It’s car seat trade-in time at Target! 

Hell yes: There’s a growing demand for equity in air conditioning in Philly schools, reports the Notebook.

Fun event alert for this weekend: Sunday, September 16 from 10 to noon, you can enjoy a family tea party at the Clay Studio to celebrate the exhibition “Just Right: Kids Sized Cups and Bowls.” Each child will make a ceramic ‘tea cookie’ ornament — and there are snacks and drinks to be consumed from beautiful handmade, kid appropriate pottery. (Attendants will receive 15 percent off any purchase from the exhibition.)

Wait, whaaaaaa? (The Cut)

Also from the Cut: I liked the take about Serena Williams fighting the fight of a mom who knows her daughter will one day consider her mother. 

Sweet piece from WHYY about repaired instruments going to Philly students. 

Just typing the headline of this Atlantic story gives me severe anxiety: Why IS American college so expensive? 

And speaking of anxiety (and the Atlantic): Does public speaking requirements produce too much anxiety for students? (I mean. I have opinions. But … well. Here’s the story.)