Wee Obsessions: Cherry Street Pier

Go for the seesaws, stay for the beer Read more

cherry street pier philadelphia

Really, there’s only one thing you need to know about this new waterfront destination: There are over-sized, illuminated seesaws. They are right there, when you first walk in, and your kids (and you!) will love them.

After 1,000 turns, keep walking, because there’s plenty more to explore at this just-opened park on the Delaware River. There are working artists, interactive art installations, food trucks, a bar and a ton of programming, like craft workshops, antique markets and a pop-up play event on November 4th. (They also have a holiday market, where you can get a Christmas tree, all sorts of delish-smelling greenery and holiday decorations.)

And if none of that sounds like a nice way to spend a few hours with the fam? Well, you should go just to see how much the DRWC has improved this once-desolate waterfront. It’s amazing to see how many people are hanging on Race Street Pier (just next door to Cherry Street Pier) and walking around Penn’s Landing—and their landmark project (this big park) hasn’t even broken ground yet.