New! The Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School

A new option for kindergartners and first graders opens this fall Read more

Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School East Falls

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Guys! This coming fall (2019), a new public charter will open its doors — and we’re getting the word out now, because they’re currently accepting applications. Welcome, Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School! The school will offer an academically rigorous curriculum that includes instruction in the Hebrew language and will teach kids of all backgrounds to become global citizens.

The school, located in East Falls, will launch its first year with just kindergartners and first graders, and grow to be a K-8 institution by 2026. The mission, in addition to creating “an environment of academic excellence,” is to help students develop social skills and values, to teach children what it means to be a global citizen (that is, to be intellectually curious, globally aware, civically engaged, and skilled in cross-cultural communication), to emphasize diversity and inclusion, and, as mentioned, to instruct the children daily in Modern Hebrew. Also, it’s well worth noting that because it’s a public charter, it’s tuition-free.

Curious? You can read more here, and apply here. Or, if you have questions, shoot a note to or call 267-225-1211.