Spotlight: PhillyTweens

A new site in town for parents of kids who refuse to stop getting older Read more

Philly Tweens

You guys know that we are for anything that supports this city’s community of parents — particularly if it makes raising kids in (and around) the city a little bit easier, and/or a little more fun. So we were pretty psyched to hear that Wee friend, mom, author, publicist, activist and in-the-know Philadelphian Paige Wolf was launching a new website for parents of kids who have made it past the baby/toddler/young-grade-schooler phase and who had entered the big kid/tween/teen years, between 8 and 14. Welcome,

Not unlike this here little site that you’re reading, PhillyTweens aims to offer resources of several kinds for parents — expert advice; directories of schools, events, camps and the like; great reads and think pieces. As mentioned, the target audience is parents who are out of potty training years and into, say, social media years — and recent posts have included everything from advice on middle-school and high-school admissions to the HPV vaccine to mindfulness for tweens to talking about sex. 

“As a writer and avid consumer of information, I’ve seen first hand how sharing personal stories can touch people,” Paige says. “We all need advice, resources, access, and, sometimes, just commiseration.” Agree!

In addition to checking out the site, y’all can of course follow PhillyTweens on Facebook and Twitter!