Wee Bits: A New Preschool, Meat Taxes, Birthday Baskets, Wizarding Weekend, and The Best Year In Music

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Another tragic, maddening, horrifying nightmare of a shooting. Our hearts break for the innocent lives lost, ruined. This Atlantic article about addressing the gun violence was true when it was published in 2012, and it’s true now. “There are complex, hand-wringing-worthy problems in our social life: deficits and debts and climate change. Gun violence, and the work of eliminating gun massacres in schools and movie houses and the like, is not one of them. Gun control works on gun violence as surely as antibiotics do on bacterial infections.”  (And related? This piece from Inquirer: A new research paper from Stanford University Hospital has found that more stringent gun laws on the state level can help prevent devastating gun-related injuries and deaths.)

New (Spanish-immersion!) preschool alert!

NPR asks: Was 1993 the greatest year in music?

At first, the headline of this piece from Streets Blog seemed a little extra to me, but the story was really intriguing.

I thought it was a joke … but no! Good idea, I guess? From Parents.com.

Upcoming! Wild Wizarding Weekend at Academy of Natural Sciences.

Hm. Meat tax.(Via the Cut.)

So often, I find celebrity mom stuff to be very boring/irritating. But some of these observations from famous people about motherhood were funny or sweet, so I’m sharing this. (Also from the Cut.)

This wonderful, lovely idea from Lulu’s Casita — birthday baskets for children — just about brought me to tears. What an awesome new program.

Yikes, boxed cake-mix recall. (Via Parents.com.)

Interesting article from EdSurge (which I found, I think, via The Notebook) about how to teach kids how to learn.

On Tuesday, November 13, Whittle School & Studios — a “global school” that will educate 2,500 kids from pre-K through 12th grade, including boarding students — is hosting a reception in Philadelphia from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Union League.You can learn about the school and the the approach Whittle takes to education (including language immersion, cross-cultural education and off-campus opportunities in cities around the world).

Everyone — this is fun.The lovely EGG Boutique in Bryn Mawr and Never Give Up Training a fitness studio in Manayunk are pairing up for a Mommy + Me Bootcamp at the boutique. Never Give Up owner Ali Jackson (who’s pre- and post-natal trained) will lead six classes for parents and babies (aged 0-1) every Wednesday at 9 a.m. from November 14-December 17. (You can check out some of the moves attendees can expect to do with their babies in this video!) Parents can purchase 3 classes for $55 or 6 classes for $95, and attendees get 20 percent off full-priced purchases while they’re in the store for the class.