Wee Love: The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank

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Philadelphia Diaper Bank

In this season of giving (and in this very tumultuous moment in time), I will admit that I sometimes feel a bit paralyzed by all the very worthy causes out there — when it comes to donating time and/or money, where to even begin? It’s overwhelming when one stops to consider all the need out there, but for some reason, this year there’s one place in particular that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about: Do you guys know the Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank? It was started a while back, but it’s come up in conversation in my life a few times in recent months, and I thought I’d mention it here, just because we all know how expensive diapers are, and we also all know how very little matters more to moms than keeping their babies fed, and comfy, and clean. To that end — the comfy and clean part — a woman (and mom and former teacher) named Pat Kennedy founded the Kensington-based Diaper Bank in 2011 with the express purpose of collecting diapers to distribute to homeless shelters, food pantries, family service agencies and faith-based organizations so that the diapers can get to the moms — and babies — who need them. (Ever since I read this heartbreaking Atlantic story a couple years back, the notion that a parent might not have enough diapers for a baby has never failed to make me tear up.) Ps. They also collect and distribute women’s sanitary items to schools in Philly!

The Greater Philly Diaper Bank has distributed upwards of two million diapers over the last 7.5 years, and — while I know we all have our own organizations and charities and causes that touch our hearts, and whom we give our time and money to — I thought I would mention this in case you’re looking, or in case you feel like you want to swing an extra box of diapers this month (you can even just buy on Amazon and ship it over!), or even possibly run a diaper drive to collect a whole bunch. They are in special need of newborn diapers right now. If you decide to buy a box or two, you should know that they have a small handful of drop-off locations (you should simply call before you drop off to make sure someone is there). They accept volunteers, too, and also happily welcome straight-up donations on their website.