A Wee Announcement

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Hello, mamas!

For a little more than five years now, we’ve had the enormous pleasure of running this website — a project that we dreamed up as a brand new mom (Ash) and an expecting mom (Christy). We set out to create a space that we wanted for ourselves as parents—a place to share information and to swap tips and to build a community. That you all showed up to be a part of it was incredibly gratifying, and we’ve never stopped being thrilled about that, or proud of our site.  

Now, after much thought and discussion, we’ve made the decision to stop posting new stories on this site. (We could bore you with our list of reasons, but it’s simpler just to say that it feels like it’s time.) However, we aren’t closing down Wee Wander: You can still follow along on our adventures and get tips on raising kids in Philly on Wee’s Insta and Facebook channels. And you’ll also be able to see the last five years’ worth of stories, reviews, interviews, lists and expert advice on the site, which isn’t going anywhere immediately.

For now, though, we just wanted to say thanks to y’all for reading and for emailing and for sending us news and tips and ideas. (We’ll still be reachable via social.) And here’s wishing everyone a joyful 2019 full of fun, with minimal meltdowns and/or diaper blowouts and/or lost mittens.

Love and hugs,
Ashley and Christy, Wee Wander co-founders and editors