4 (Green) Things We’re Loving Right Now

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less plastic

So in order to try to mitigate a tiny, tiny bit of the intense anxiety triggered by stories of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or of straws and coffee-stirrer pollution, or of the terrifying amount of non-recyclable trash in the world (couldn’t even read this one because of all the doom), my husband and I both like to try new ways to avoid plastics and disposable things. (Exception: diapers. I use disposable, and for that I am sorry. #GUILT. Thus I have that much more to make up for on the non-disposable front … or at least that’s how I feel.) Read more →

This New Rittenhouse Bar Studio Has Free (!) Childcare

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bar method rittenhouse

Bar Method owners Gina Russo and Kristin Cataline know the struggle is real: One of the reasons they opened their Rittenhouse studio earlier this year is because they know how hard it is to find a workout that’s fun and effective—especially for moms like themselves.

And so, in order to make workout for moms as easy as possible, they added a tricked-out playroom and offer babysitting. Best part? It’s free. 

bar method rittenhouse

The Kids’ Club at Bar Method

Bar Method Rittenhouse

The lovely Bar Method locker room

Book your class through their website or app, and you can reserve the babysitting then, too. It’s currently offered during the Saturday 9 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. classes, and for the Sunday 9:30 a.m. class.

PS: They are offering Wee Wander readers a special deal. Get your first class for only $10 with the code WeeWander. (That’s us!) Valid until 6/30/18.

Photo credit: The Bar Method

Wee Outings: Snow White at The Arden

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snow white the arden

For a month now, I’ve been hearing how great The Arden Children’s Theatre performance of Snow White is, but, well, April was crazy for us — we only finally just made it this past weekend to the show. I have to say, everything I heard is absolutely correct, and then some: The re-telling of the classic tale is creative and engaging and funny, and the actors are phenomenal (like, truly phenomenal — a mere two people play every role: Snow White, the huntsman, the evil queen, all seven dwarfs, and the magic mirror). And — happily enough — the production is still running for another month, until June 3, so you have time yet to see it. (Also! If you see it on a Friday night, you can use the code “APPLE” to get a 50 percent discount on your tickets!) Read more →

New!! An App To Help You Size — And Buy — Kids’ Shoes

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jenzys shoe app

Oooh, boy, are y’all going to love this. In roughly three weeks — just in time for summer shoe-buying season — you can download a brand new app specifically geared toward parents buying shoes for their little ones. Jenzy, the brainchild of two Philly entrepreneurs, couples some “highly accurate shoe-sizing technology” on the phone with a whole bunch of adorable shoes, which means that you don’t have to guess what size your kid is currently wearing in New Balance or Mini Melissa or Keen and then order three pairs just to be safe. You get to measure their feet and buy the shoes in one fell swoop. Do you hear that? No more piles of Amazon boxes full of tiny shoes! Just one pair, in a size you know will fit them. (Hallelujah!) Read more →