Fall Family Fun: Paddle Around Penn’s Landing

It’s one of the most awesome things to do with the kids at Independence Seaport Museum Read more

Penn's Landing

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If you think that all the fun at Independence Seaport Museum is happening inside, then you haven’t really experienced the museum.

Part of the fun: Getting the fam out on the water.

Independence Seaport Museum has paddle boats to rent in the basin at Penn’s Landing, in that area between where the historic boats are docked and the walking pier. They’ve got row boats, kayaks, swans, a pirate ship and a dragon to chose from. The area isn’t too big (a blessing, since the kids will contribute zero to the actual padding/rowing) but there’s plenty to get up close to, including Cruiser Olympia and Submarine Becuna, some docked boats, and yes, those SSHP barge drinkers. Read more →

Wee Bits: The Future of Parks, Makeup Help, and a New Ice Cream Bar Shop

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wee bits

Playgrounds, parks and rec centers are an important part of any community and Next City is hosting a panel discussion (with the parks and rec commissioner, amongst others) to discuss that, and what’s going on locally. After, there will be refreshments, music and play. (Kids are encouraged to attend.) The free event is at City Hall on Sunday, September 10th.

The older I get, the more I need makeup (and the more I need help with how to do makeup). I found this New York Times primer on foundation/concealer interesting.  Read more →

Wee Obsessions: Little Moon

This new Fabric Row shop for kids is all sorts of adorable Read more

We’ve long loved Moon + Arrow, the home/vintage/jewelry/gift shop in Queen Village. The goods there are handmade, Paris-girl cool and well-priced. It’s also just a nice place to spend some time in: it smells good, has friendly shop girls and looks like something you’d stumble upon in Venice Beach or Brooklyn. And Little Moon, the new kid-focused offshoot of Moon + Arrow, which opened last week, has the same awesomeness. (It occurred to me when I was there that this is why I will always love boutique shopping. The experience is so memorable and personal, especially in our era of one-click-purchases.) Read more →

Wee Bits: Scary Breastpumps, a Fall Music Class Extravaganza, Peanut Allergy Help and Fruit Snack Shockers

Reads, news, happenings and other tidbits for Philly parents this week Read more

Neat NPR story about the benefits of home visits for new families. 

A mom created much-needed party supplies with some diversity, and the story about it here on Parents.com made me cry.

Okay, so did this one, via the Atlantic: “My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It.”

Did you guys know that Mister John’s Music has a new venue in the Italian Market? It looks AMAZING. He’s hosting an open house tomorrow (Thursday, August 24) from 4 to 7 p.m. — and classes will start on August 28!  (PS: The space is available for parties, concerts and recitals, too!)  

Speaking of open houses (it’s that time of year): Settlement Music School is hosting a series of open houses in mid-September — and they’re focusing specifically on early childhood classes at all their locations in and around Philly. You can expect demo lessons, performances, meet-and-greets with teachers and more — and check out the specific dates/locations here!

Another local gem, Play Arts, is turning one — and they’re celebrating with a whole bunch of awesome fun stuff. Saturday September 9 is dollar-play day ($1 per kid; $0 per adult! — just remember to RSVP!). Sunday, September 10 is the big b-day party, with play, prizes, discounts and more, from 10 a.m. to noon. (Regular drop-in rates and playspace hours apply. Again RSVP!)  And that’s just the weekend … the preceding week is packed with special events and deals, too — you can check them all out here!

Curbed maps cool abandoned buildings in Philly, and it’s fascinating/depressing.

Eeeek, breastpumps through the ages. (Via HuffPo.)

Scary report, via Philly Mag. Just FYI for all us parents.

I realize this piece from Fast Company is about an ad for the Kind brand, but good Lord, look at all the sugar kids consume. (And … really? “Most parents” don’t realize that fruit snacks have added sugar? That seems fishy?)

A cure for peanut allergies? (Wouldn’t that be life-changing!?)

Wee Experts: Potty Training Through the Night

How to help that kid stay dry overnight without wrecking everyone’s sleep? We asked a pro. Read more

potty training and sleep

This post comes courtesy of Erica Desper* of Confident Parenting. 


Is potty training threatening to disrupt your child’s sleep habits? Are they suddenly stalling at bedtime or waking too quickly? Here are my tips for maximizing sleep and maintaining your sanity while potty training.

Tip 1: Remember, Potty Training is a Major Developmental Milestone
As with any milestone, potty training is likely to cause temporary disruptions in sleep and eating habits as well as in your child’s overall mood and behavior. Try to keep in mind that potty training is a major developmental milestone and, while frustrating, disturbances or regressions in other areas are to be expected. And this, too, shall pass! Read more →

The Best Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles, Ice Packs and Other Lunchy Stuff Right Now

10 things we love and adore Read more

best lunch boxes and lunch containers for kids

Well, y’all, here we are again: Back-to-school time! (Well, very nearly.) While here at Wee HQ, we’re not quiiiiiite prepared for this yet, we have gone ahead and rounded up our very favorite lunch gear (bags and other accoutrements) for a new year. Have at.

Bento boxes
I can’t say enough about my love for LunchBots, a collection of stainless steel containers for soups, sandwiches, fruits, dips, yogurt and more. My personal favorites are the classic four-compartment Bento boxes, which force me to at least consider packing a balanced lunch, but we also use the snack containers a lot, because they’re perfect for cut fruit, crackers, and veggies and hummus. Everything is leak-proof, everything is dishwasher safe, everything is BPA-free and stainless steel, and it all fits nicely in a small lunchbox or bag. It’s not cheap, but we’ve had ours for years and they’re still going strong. If plastic is more your gig, New Zealand-based Sistema also makes awesome BPA- and phthalate-free bento containers with (helpful!) movable compartments and lids that clasp and never leak. They are also dishwasher safe. Read more →