Who Are Wee?

Ugh. Is this where we are supposed to write about ourselves in the third person? Is there anything more awkward? We decided no, this is the most awful thing ever, so we are going to write about each other instead. (But first wanted to say: Hello! Welcome to our site. We are two working moms who love Philadelphia, who love our kids, and who just wanted to create a place that could reconcile those two passions … and also to help people like us navigate our city a little more easily.)

Between us, we currently boast 28 years of experience in city journalism, 26 years in Philly, four kids, four jobs, five strollers and, like, a bazillion itty-bitty little socks. Endless little socks.

ashleyAbout Ashley: Over the course of the last 15 years in Philly, Ashley — a born-and-bred East Coaster, Duke grad and true renaissance woman — has worked as a chef at the Four Seasons, a food- and lifestyle editor at Philadelphia magazine, a director for Starr Restaurants, a freelance journalist, a restaurant consultant and a recipe writer. She is currently employed at Philadelphia magazine (again) as the mag’s powerful but benevolent executive editor, while also holding down the role of (powerful but benevolent) mom to Sasha and Willa. Ash lives with her husband and the girls in Queen Village.

christy lejeuneAbout Christy: Christy is from Tennessee, which means she stops and helps old ladies cross the street and says y’all. (It’s really cute.) But she married a Philly boy, so she’s an East Coaster now, and, as a contributing editor at Philadelphia magazine, she’s been tirelessly covering and (mostly) loving this city since 2007. She’s also currently a freelance writer and editor. Before moving to Philly, she lived in the Midwest, first in Chicago, where she earned a master’s degree in social sciences, then going to work as a writer and editor at Indianapolis Monthly magazine. She lives in Fairmount with her husband and two kids, Luke, who’s a preschooler, and baby Ellie.